Leaders Forum 2018

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Pivot – pɪvət/ – A fixed point supporting something that turns or balances

The world is changing and so must we and, if there’s anything to be learned from this year, it’s that change comes rapidly, and often from unexpected places.

As business leaders, we are experiencing the rise and rise of technology as it continues to wield enormous cultural and economic power.  The ‘threat of big data’ is yesterday’s news and digital transformation is happening on a daily basis.  Issues of trust, credibility and reputation are being eroded   and leaders are scrambling to balance the needs of shareholders, clients, regulators, consumers and employees.

The business landscape has never been more uncertain and the need to adapt or ‘pivot’, never more critical.

  • What does it take to pivot?
  • What are the necessary leadership skills and experience that will help us adapt our companies to evolve and be able to meet the new digital marketplace?  
  • Can we turn our businesses around to lead the change and refocus our workforce? 
  • And what does that mean for our industry?

Join other AMSRO leaders as we consider the future of market research and our industry – AMSRO Leaders Forum, Thursday March 22 at the Hyatt Regency, Sydney.

Early bird registrations close February 16 2018.

Leaders Forum 2018: Register Here