HR Resources Kit

AMSRO and HR Legal are pleased to introduce an updated Human Resources (HR) kit containing materials specifically developed for AMSRO members.

Developed in conjunction with AMSRO’s legal counsel, Andrew Maher, this exclusive offer includes the following materials which can be individually tailored to suit your company requirements:

  1. Policies and Procedures Manual
  2. Letter of Offer – Casual Employment
  3. Letter of Appointment – Fixed Term or Specific Project Based Employment
  4. Letter of Appointment – Permanent Employment
  5. Independent Contractor Agreement (B2B)
  6. Independent Contractor Agreement (with sole trader)
  7. Independent Contractor Agreement (Contractor)
  8. Employee Warning letter
  9. Employee Termination letter
  10. Performance Bonus letter

Available only to AMSRO members at $750 + GST*

Actual value estimated at $4,000 +

Members are invited to use their 2 hour free legal service (part of AMSRO annual membership) with Andrew Maher,  to tailor the documents according to your business needs. 

To order your HR Resource kit please contact the AMSRO Secretariat at or call (02) 8017 6717. 

All documents are electronically supplied via the AMSRO Secretariat.  Documents contained in the HR Resources kit are not sold separately.  (AMSRO will send invoice separately.)