Why Join?

The Peak Body for Research Organisations

  • AMSRO represents close to 100 Market and Social Research organisations in Australia

5000+ Employees

  • AMSRO Organisations are a major employer of Australians
  • Over 5,000 people work for member firms across all states and territories

75% of Industry Revenue

  • AMSRO Organisations generate 75% of revenue in the market and social research industry (Source: RICA Industry Report 2016)

“AMSRO is committed to helping organisations reach their potential. As industry change accelerates, the vital role of AMSRO in strengthening the industry and advocating on behalf of members becomes all the greater.” Craig Young President, AMSRO

Member services

Mitigate risk and protect your reputation

  • AMSRO membership underlines your commitment to quality:
    • ISO Accreditation
    • Data management compliance
    • Compliance with the AMSRO privacy code
  • AMSRO provides a critical “first line of defence” to help manage and mediate any privacy problems that arise
  • Deep and strong connections with key government and regulatory stakeholders.

Government and industry relations

AMSRO is actively engaged and lobbying on the issues that matter:

  • Employment: Skilled Migration Occupation (TSS/457 Visa issues
  • Privacy: Data management and protection
  • Access: Integrated public number database (IPND) – and the Do Not Call Register
  • Award: Negotiations of the NUW-AMSRO Industry Agreement.

Leverage insight and expertise

  • Connection – Annual Leaders Forum and Quarterly Committee meetings
  • Information – Monthly newsletter, topical workshops, webinars and seminars
  • Benchmarking – Annual industry salary survey and company revenue statistics
  • Mentoring – Confidential advice on business challenges and opportunities from leaders of research companies with relevant experience
  • Support – An on-call Executive Director and peer guidance from fellow members
  • Legal – Unlimited and free legal advice over the phone from industry specialist Andrew Maher at CIE Legal.

Additional value-add benefits

  • The Trust Mark Directory (Promoted on the AMI website to over 55,000 marketers)
  • Discounted AMI membership (33%)
  • Discounted sample (Samplepages)
  • Small business subsidised ISO certification program.

Download AMSRO’s membership flyer

Download AMSRO’s Leaders Forum flyer

New Members

AMSRO is the national peak industry body for market and social research organisations in Australia. Representing over 75% of the industry, AMSRO has been advocating on behalf of its members for over 25 years and continues to promote and protect our member’s interests across government and industrial relations issues, privacy legislation, quality standards, information security and workplace relations.

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Membership Fees

Membership fees fall on 1 July 2018 and members have until August 31 2018 to renew.

There are two types of membership available:

  • 1. AMSRO Trust Mark member organisation member organisations are certified to ISO 20252 (or ISO 26362)
  • or
  • 2. AMSRO member organisation (no ISO 20252 certification required)

To discuss your membership renewal please contact AMSRO Secretariat on (02) 8017 6717 or email - sarah@amsro.com.au