Associate Membership

Associate Membership assists small firms who wish to join AMSRO and have coverage under the Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014 (M&SRPC) but find it difficult to attain certification to ISO 20252.

It is open to firms whose annual revenue from research services is under $1,000,000 (defined as all external billings for market and social research services exc GST in Australia) or have no more than two (2) or less full-time (research) employees.

The general requirements of AMSRO membership remain the same:

  • the firm’s main business is the supply of market and social research services in Australia
  • at least one senior employee holds AMSRS membership
  • the firm agrees to abide by the AMSRO rules
  • the firm complies with the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour
  • the firm agrees to abide by the M&SRPC
  • the firm complies with the AMSRO NUW Agreement

Additionally, in line with AMSRO’s focus on quality standards:

  • the firm must undertake to sub-contract any fieldwork or other operations services in Australia to firms that are certified to ISO 20252
  • the main contact in the firm must be familiar with the principles of ISO 20252

Associate Members are entitled to all the benefits of AMSRO membership.

An Associate Member may become a Member at any time by gaining certification to ISO 20252. To do so, they can access the services of AMSRO Quality Consultant, The Cruse Partnership and may be eligible to obtain certification under the AMSRO small business offer.

The annual membership for Associate membership is $ 1,029.00 exc GST.

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