Eligibility for membership

Membership is open to organisations whose main business is market and social research in Australia.

Members are required to be certified to ISO 20252 or ISO 26362. New members have twelve months to achieve certification if they are not already certified.

A member agrees

  • to observe the Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014 (M&SRPC)
  • to comply with the NUW and AMSRO Market and Social Research Industry Agreement
  • to ensure that employees comply with the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour.

and must ensure:

  • no more than 50% of its equity is held by another member of AMSRO
  • its activities and reputation are compatible with the integrity, reputation and independence of commercial market and social research
  • it does not engage in Direct Marketing or any other activity where the names and addresses of the people contacted are to be used for individual selling, promotional, fund-raising or other non-research purposes, or have a related body corporate that engages in Direct Marketing or any other activity.

These criteria are detailed fully in the  Articles of Association

The AMSRO Committee evaluates new member applications and makes the final decision on membership eligibility.  Membership fees are based on annual turnover.

Interested in joining?

For members looking to renew a company membership 

AMSRO also offers an Associate membership category which allows smaller firms to benefit from AMSRO membership without having to attain ISO accreditation.