Renew your membership for 2016-17


With the industry experiencing an exciting period of transition, enhancing, protecting and promoting AMSRO member organisations has never been more important. As the national peak body representing over 95 Australian market and social research organisations (approximately 80% of the industry), AMSRO will continue to work on behalf of members across advocacy and government programs, privacy, workplace relations and quality issues throughout the coming year.

To thank you for your ongoing support in 2016-17 we offer:

  • A loyalty subscription discount*
  • Group company member subscription discounts
  • Two-hours free legal consultation with Andrew Maher, CIE Legal
  • Human resources complimentary materials
  • Government representation on IPND and regulatory issues
  • ISO and Privacy support and advice

Please take some time to renew your AMSRO membership (due July 1 and open until August 31 2016) here.


Salary Survey 2016 – The salary survey provides valuable information for benchmarking within our sector and planning new budgets, assisting with pay reviews and assessing terms, conditions and benefits packages. Coming to members in June.

Privacy – AMSRO members work under the first and only registered industry APP Privacy Code in Australia. AMSRO’s Privacy Compliance Committee will continue to provide protection against increased regulation, training materials and webinars to assist with privacy law compliance, reporting procedures and commercial privacy obligations.

Workplace/Industrial Relations – in conjunction with AMSRO’s CIE Legal partner, Andrew Maher, AMSRO is set to re-negotiate a new NUW-AMSRO Agreement 2016-19 with the Fair Work Commission. In addition to two hours free consultation per year, members can also take advantage of the workplace relation’s webinars and workshops. Upon renewal, AMSRO members will receive a free copy of the Human Resources Manual and Employee contract

Advocacy – Government Relations – AMSRO continues to advocate and protect the industry against further regulation. We will continue to strengthen our ties with government agencies, consulting on a range of industry related topics concerning research practices and the collection, usage and storage of data. We also look set to determine terms with the Department of Communications and the Arts and the Australian Communications and Media Authority for broader industry access to the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND).

Trust Mark – the Trust Mark marketing campaign continues to promote AMSRO member commitment and diligence across privacy, quality and ethics to clients and trade media.

Leaders Forum – An annual AMSRO highlight that’s grown to include around 50% of member organisations. The Forum provides a unique platform for members to enjoy a world-class conference program, exceptional guest and industry speakers, fine food, an exclusive wine tasting event and networking opportunities for Australia’s industry leaders in a forum unmatched in this country.

Quality Assurance – working in association with quality consultant, Norine Cruse, AMSRO continues to support certification to the ISO Standard. AMSRO’s Quality committee is also committed to delivering the industry a single, global standard resulting in the same benefits but at a reduced administrative and financial cost. Another highlight on the calendar is a training program in information security to further assist with the increasing risks associated with data storage, technology and cyber security.

New CATI Workshop – Call Centre operators are invited to attend an industry workshop in August to join like-minded employers to discuss issues and plans relating to the sector, including updates from AMSRO on the re-negotiation of the NUW Agreement and IPND progress.

Should you require any further information regarding your membership renewal please don’t hesitate to contact Sarah Campbell, Executive Director, AMSRO at or (02) 8017 6717 or visit

Thank you (in advance) for your continued support.

lee-naylorKind regards,
Lee Naylor

* Loyalty subscription discount available to current members July 1 2017 and subject to the AMSRO – AMSRS merger.


Membership fees fall on 1 July 2016 and members have until August 31 2016 to renew.

There are two types of membership available:

  • Full AMSRO membership (member organisations are certified to ISO 20252)
  • Associate AMSRO membership (no ISO 20252 certification required)

New Members

Download the AMSRO New Membership Application Form 2016-17

To discuss your membership renewal please contact AMSRO Secretariat on (02) 8017 6717 or email -



  • A pro-active approach to Privacy

    Working closely with government, AMSRO is the only industry with a registered APP privacy code.

  • Established Privacy Compliance Committee

    AMSRO has an established Privacy Compliance Committee dedicated to our new compliance system.

  • Training sessions and tools to support privacy compliance

    Training opportunities via webinars and materials are available to members to assist privacy compliance and ensure best practice.


  • Leading the way with the industry Trust Mark

    The AMSRO industry Trust Mark signals member compliance across the three key pillars - privacy, quality and ethics. AMSRO continues to promote accross client and media platforms.

  • Committed to Quality

    ISO 20252 training materials and tools are available to members and AMSRO continues subsidised access to certification for small and medium sized business members with support from the Cruse Partnership.


  • Expertise in the workplace

    The NUW-AMSRO Agreement for 2013-2016 is registered with Fair Work Commission and provides net benefits to the industry. Andrew Maher, CIE Legal provides two hours free industry specific legal advice to member organisations across workplace relations issues.



  • Continued regulatory representation

    Our government relations program remains strong and looks set to broaden research access to the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) for telephone surveys.


  • Industry Statistics – The Salary Survey

    The results, available only to members, will be an invaluable tool for - Benchmarking within the market and social research sector, planning for new budgets, assisting with pay reviews and assessing existing terms and conditions and benefits packages.

  • Increased networking opportunities

    The Leaders Forum event is our annual conference and delivers an impressive line up of guest speakers and an opportunity for members to engage with peers and clients whilst enjoying world class dining and wine tasting sessions.