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ISO 20252:2019 – New Standard available

AMSRO is pleased to announce that our investment to co-develop a globally recognised and streamlined ISO Standard (undertaken over the past four years), has now been realised, with the new Standard ISO:20252:2019 available via Standards Australia. 

The release of this new standard is a significant change from the existing ISO 20252 and the panel access standard ISO 26362, with some substantial content and format changes that will affect all ISO certified companies.

The changes combine the previous ISO 20252 & ISO 26362 and move the standard to a mandatory framework and a series of compulsory annexes (where applicable across your business). ISO 26362: 2009 has been withdrawn and incorporated into ISO 20252:2018 which covers both online and offline access panels. This is as a result of the emergence and global acceptance of online sampling as a primary sample source. Data analytics and digital observation are also more prominent.

The revised ISO 20252 standard has a stronger focus on information security and is based around annexes which cover the various methodologies.

The new ISO 20252:2019 framework:  

All new company certifications commencing in May 2019 should address ISO 20252:2019.

Certified companies will have until December 2020 to comply with this new standard.

See here to access AMSRO’s free and exclusive member transition package.

AMSRO is working with the following independent certification bodies to ensure auditors are suitably trained to the new standard and meet industry expectation in terms of providing our members with the very best service.

AMSRO recognised certification bodies for 2020 include:

These certification companies have auditors fully trained to the new Standard and are working in partnership with AMSRO to provide members with a subsidised (and exclusive) membership offer for both Small and Medium sized businesses.  The cost for each is available from each of the suppliers or you can contact AMSRO on 0460 012 092 to find out more.

Please note: A one-off transitional fee to the new standard may be charged by certification bodies.

Clients need to know that when using an AMSRO Trust Mark Research Company they can feel confident your organisation’s integrity, profits and reputation is being protected by a research supplier engaging in legally compliant and independently audited market and social research methods.  We therefore recommend members use one of the above companies for certification under the new standard. If your company’s audit is not being conducted by one of the above, please contact me at or 0417 665 144 to discuss your options.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the new standard and certification process, please don’t hesitate to contact me (as above).