AMSRO’s mission is to position our industry for the benefit of members.

The aims of the Association are to:

(a)  Represent and enhance the research, data and insights industry; (“Industry”);

(b)  Advise, represent and advocate on behalf of members;

(c)  Encourage confidence and minimise risk in client decision making; and

(d)  Ensure industry standards are relevant, appropriately promoted and recognised.

We pursue our mission by:

  • working to improve awareness and regard for market and social research organisations
  • working to improve the quality and professionalism of market and social research practices
  • representing the interests of members to government, regulators and other stakeholders
  • helping develop and retain talent in the industry
  • providing members with workplace relations advice and support
  • promoting the exchange of information among industry leaders

Growth of influence of market and social research

Worldwide, market and social research provides key strategic data and advice to a vast range of private and public organisations. In the past few years the industry has grown rapidly into a dynamic, international force as the trend to a global economy has demanded greater access to regional, cross-regional and cross-cultural information.

In Australia, demand for research has increased substantially as organisations, public and private, recognise the need for rigorous research on which to base key decisions affecting policies, programs and strategies.

As the peak organisation for Australia’s market and social research organisations, our primary objective is to protect and promote the industry so that its important contribution to our economic, social and political well-being continues.

AMSRO is conscious of the rigorous business and professional standards needed to achieve these aims. We work to ensure that the industry maintains:

  • sound workplace relations
  • ever-broadening quality assurance programs across privacy and ISO
  • effective self-regulation and
  • active participation in industry and government policy forums.
Find out more about AMSRO membership or contact: Sarah Campbell, Executive Director on 0460 012 092 or email sarah@amsro.com.au