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AMSRO Committee 2019-20

The AMSRO Management Committee is elected annually.

The AMSRO office bearers elected on 14 November 2019 at the AMSRO AGM are:


George Zdanowicz
George Zdanowicz
Enhance Research

Marc L’Huillier
EY Sweeney
Simon Wake

Sarah Wrigley
Gundabluey Research
Craig Young
General Executive Member
ORC International
Rob McLachlan
General Executive Member
Josephine Foti

Josephine Foti
General Executive Member
Wallis Market and Social Research

The AMSRO Committee meets four times a year.  All member CEO’s are welcome to attend.

The next meeting for 2020 is scheduled to take place on Thursday 23 April. If you would like to participate please contact Sarah Campbell at to advise.

AMSRO Executive George Zdanowicz The key decision-making body for the Association and responsible for ensuring AMSRO upholds its aims, objectives, and values. The Executive member focus is to reinforce AMSRO’s level of engagement, transparency, and accountability with members.
AMSRO Committee  George Zdanowicz This committee meets quarterly and is open to all AMSRO members to review and discuss matters of industry/AMSRO member interest. All committee members are required to sit on a sub-committee.
Leaders Forum (LF) Sarah Wrigley Develops the annual Leaders Forum program and overall event.
Privacy Compliance (legally required under the Code) The Hon. Terry Aulich Offers an expert member advisory service – monitors privacy law and regulation, member compliance/ complaints and develops privacy materials for members.
Workplace Relations Rob McLachlan Manages AMSRO’s negotiation with the NUW and oversees workplace member services and industry matters (with Andrew Maher, CIE Legal).
Regulatory Craig Young Monitors the regulatory environment and makes submissions to government or regulators on key issues that may have commercial implications for companies or affect the industry more broadly.
Quality Assurance Brian Fine Works with members and the market and social research industry to help ensure the very best quality assurance and to uphold the standard for excellence in market research within Australia.
Industry Statistics Rob McLachlan Manages AMSRO’s Industry statistics for ESOMAR, the Revenue Statistics program and the annual Salary Survey.
Member Services Marc L’Huillier Manages new member services – is designed to keep pace with the rapid changes in our market and create a broader more inclusive AMSRO.
Strategic Partnerships/PD Training Simon Wake Extends the range of benefits delivered to members via partnerships – responsible for the introduction of commercially focused training for businesses and leaders. (This committee is not concerned with technical research training where ample offers in this space already exist via AMSRS and ESOMAR.)

Committee meetings

AMSRO Committee meetings are held four times a year, in Sydney or Melbourne.

To obtain Minutes of Committee meetings please contact –