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Member Services

The value of a collective voice for industry leaders.

AMSRO offers a range of services to its members in key areas of business.

AMSRO contracts companies to assist the association and members in the critical areas of privacy law, quality assurance, data and information security, workplace relations and OH&S.

Expert privacy advice and assistance with the interpretation and application of the Australian Privacy Principles and the Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code is also available.

AMSRO is able to leverage the buying power of its member companies to achieve significant group purchasing discounts. These savings for AMSRO members and may more than offset the cost of membership.

AMSRO endeavours to use its buying power to negotiate discounts on products and services that are useful to members. Any discount offer should not be taken to infer AMSRO endorsement of the product or service over others that may be available in the marketplace.

Member Services and Resources

Mitigate risk and protect your reputation

  • AMSRO membership underlines your commitment to quality:
    • ISO Accreditation
    • Data management compliance
    • Compliance with the AMSRO privacy code
  • AMSRO provides a critical “first line of defence” to help manage and mediate any privacy problems that arise
  • Deep and strong connections with key government and regulatory stakeholders.

Leverage insight and expertise

  • Legal– Unlimited access to AMSRO legal telephone hotline for privacy and human resources law advice, EEO training modules and HR resources, provided by industry specialist Andrew Maher, CIE Legal
  • Connection– Annual Leaders Forum, special member events and Quarterly Committee meetings
  • Quality– Specialist advice regarding the new ISO 20252 Standard from AMSRO Quality Consultant Norine Cruse
  • Data Security Compliance System– exclusive access to AMSRO’s Information and Data Security Compliance System (IDSCS) (and ISO 27001)
  • Information– Regular member communications, topical workshops, webinars and seminars
  • Benchmarking– Annual industry salary survey and a quarterly revenue statistics program
  • Mentoring– Confidential advice on business challenges and opportunities from leaders of research companies with relevant experience
  • Recognition – Industry Leadership Award and Research Got Talent Award
  • Support– An on-call Executive Director and peer guidance from fellow members.

Government and industry relations

AMSRO is actively engaged and lobbying on the issues that matter:

  • AMSRO Polling Inquiry– re-establishing trust in the polls and the broader industry
  • Employment: Skilled Migration Occupation (TSS/457 Visa issues)
  • Privacy: Data management and protection
  • Access: Integrated public number database (IPND) – and the Do Not Call Register
  • Award: Negotiations of the UWU-AMSRO Industry Agreement.

Additional value-add benefits

  • The Trust Mark Directory (Promoted on the AMI website to over 55,000 marketers)
  • Discounted AMI membership (33%)
  • Discounted IML membership (up to 50%)
  • GiftPay credit bonus
  • Discounted sample (Samplepages)
  • Small business subsidised ISO certification program.