Quality assurance and Risk Management

Market and social research continues to flourish if quality levels are maintained and improved:

  • Buyers and users of market and social research understand the quality management systems and have the confidence to ask for them when buying research.
  • Participants in market and social research know that researchers are committed to protecting their interests.

AMSRO is committed to work to uphold the standard for excellence in quality assurance in market and social research in Australia:

  • promoting the value of quality assurance to all market and social research stakeholders
  • continually evaluating the international best practice for market research excellence and use this to set standards in Australia
  • driving the continuous improvement of market and social research quality in Australia
  • ensuring that the costs of accreditation are maintained at cost effective levels.

Quality standards for market and social research

AMSRO supports two Standards:

AMSRO members with ISO 20252

Interlinked with these Standards is the Qualified Practising Market Researcher scheme (QPMR) managed by the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS).

For Buyers of research go to Quality and Risk Management flier.

AMSRO members work under the industry Trustmark FAQs

Certification to ISO 20252 (or ISO 26362) is mandatory for all AMSRO members. New members have twelve months to achieve certification.

Some members are also certified to standards for access panels, off or online where relevant to their business:

AMSRO members with ISO 26362

Quality Assurance ISO 20252  – the revised  2012 Standard

AMSRO in conjunction with Norine Cruse has developed a workbook highlighting the changes required under the newly revised ISO 20252 (2012) Standard. Topics covered include; Subcontractor Management, Internal Auditing, Managing broader observational research and Self completion Data Collection and Methodologies.

AMSRO member cost: $199.00 (+ GST)

To purchase a workbook please contact amsro@amsro.com.au or call (02) 8017 6717.

Risk Management 

Risk management is a process. The purpose of a risk management plan or register (they are one and the same) is to manage uncertainty and initiate actions to identify, assess, monitor and reduce the impact of risks to a business.  To further support AMSRO member organisations AMSRO, in conjunction with The Cruse Partnership, has developed a Risk Management Strategy guideline  available here