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ISO Certification Companies – 2020

Independent assessment and certification to the new industry standard ISO 20252:2019 is currently available from the following four industry-approved certification bodies: 

  1. Best Practice Certification
  2. ISO Experts
  3. CIRQ
  4. Star Mark Certification Global

Companies wishing to be certified should contact these certification bodies. Fees are based on consultant day rates. The fees include a small annual levy collected by the assessment bodies and passed on to AMSRO for administrative purposes.

If  you require further information please contact AMSRO on 0460 012 092 or



The International ISO standard for market, social and opinion research (AS ISO 20252) was published worldwide in May 2006.

Australia was represented during the development of the standard, which was subsequently closely reviewed by the Australian Technical Committee (under Standards Australia). Australia ratified the adoption of the standard. AS ISO 20252 became the Australian standard for our industry as of 1 January 2007 with a revision completed in 2012.

Over 100 companies in Australia are now certified to AS-ISO 20252. Accreditation to this standard demonstrates a commitment to quality assured processes in the international arena.

AMSRO works in partnership with its Quality Consultant, Norine Cruse to provide member advice and training.

The adoption of consistent, standardised process in an AS ISO 20252 based Quality Management System can:

  • Put your company on the world platform
  • Reduce risk
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Improve buyer confidence
  • Increase loyalty & satisfaction
  • Meet or exceed best practice
  • Improve product and service quality
  • Improve corporate profile and competitive edge
  • Increase opportunities for international business
  • Assist in the protection of respondent privacy
  • Demonstrate a commitment to internal standards
  • Become a training platform for new employees
  • Foster a culture of quality / continuous improvement
  • Increase value of your company

Additional benefits:

  • It can reduce waste
  • It can streamline processes and avoid duplication
  • It can minimise exposure to risk
  • It can reduce staff turnover

AMSRO members who attain ISO 20252 certification are eligible to work under the Industry Trust Mark