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ISO 20252 small business information

AMSRO recognises the burden placed on small companies by the costs associated with quality assurance. We have brokered a deal with our recognised certification bodies (Best Practice, BSI and CIRQ) to provide small companies who are AMSRO members with certification for a flat annual fee (with no additional management costs). Please contact AMSRO on (02) 8017 6717 or for further details.

Small companies are defined as organisations

  • employing no more than 5 full time staff members
  • with only one office
  • with limited services provision, such as project management or consultancy only or data collection only.

The final terms of this definition are at the discretion of the Quality Committee.

Small companies who have an AMSRS member but are not AMSRO members pay the usual fee for the ISO 20252 Standard, but AMSRO offers them access to the general documentation for the Standard at no charge.

AMSRO members can also access member guidelines to assist with ISO 20252 (2012) at no extra charge.