Quality assurance support

AMSRO helps members gain and maintain ISO standards, offering:

Answers to frequently asked questions about ISO 20252 and ISO 26362 are available here.

AS: ISO 20252 offer for small businesses

AMSRO recognises the burden placed on small companies by the costs associated with quality assurance. We have brokered a deal with BSI and Best Practice Certification to provide small companies who are AMSRO members with certification for an annual fee of approx. $1,800.

Small companies are defined as organisations employing no more than 5 full time staff members, with only one office and with limited services provision, such as project management or consultancy only or data collection only. The final terms of this definition are at the discretion of the Quality Committee.

Quality assurance online training

AMSRO offers an online training program for quality assurance topics, offering time and cost savings over the face to face training program.  For details contact the AMSRO secretariat on (02) 8017 6717.

Risk Management 

Risk management is simply a process. The purpose of a risk management plan or register (they are one and the same) is to manage uncertainty and initiate actions to identify, assess, monitor and reduce the impact of risks to your business. A good risk management plan (or risk register) with appropriate risk management strategies can minimise costly and stressful problems, and can in some circumstances reduce the need for excessive insurance claims and premiums.  AMSRO in conjunction with the Cruse Partnership has developed a series of tools to cover Risk Management.

RICA Risk Management and Market Research presentation 

AMSRO – TOP 12 – Information Technology & Security Risk Management (produced by AMSRO’s Quality Committee in association with Norine Cruse).

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For more information on AMSRO and quality assurance, contact the AMSRO Secretariat: amsro@amsro.com.au or  (02) 8017 6717.