AMSRO Quality Committee

The Quality Committee looks after the interests of the market and social research industry in Australia. It is funded by AMSRO.

It is committed:

‘to work with the market and social research industry to help ensure the very best quality assurance and to uphold the standard for excellence in market and social research within Australia’.

The Quality-Committee-Members represent a variety of interests in the industry.

It meets twice a year to examine quality matters relating to ISO, Information and Data Security, provides regular updates and training to members and the AMSRO Board on quality matters.

The members of the Quality Committee are:

Brian Fine                  CEO, Australia Online Research
Paul Hoger                 Director, Q&A Market Research Services
Jaxon Thomas          Managing Partner, Ekas Market Research Services
Mark Zuker                MD, JWS Research
Norine Cruse            CEO Lucidity/ AMSRO Quality Consultant
Secretary:     Sarah Campbell      Executive Director, AMSRO

Terms or reference are here – Quality Standards Industry Committee – Terms of Reference 

Information Technology and Security Risk Management

Top 12 Risks

Based on the ISO 27001/2 Information Technology and Security Standards, the Top 12 Risks Guideline is an overview of an information security management system and identifies the main risk areas for research organisations and how they might impact on both internal and external operations.

The AMSRO Quality Committee has identified the four following key risk review areas: Communications, Operations, People and IT Assets Security that can be undertaken in conjunction with ISO 20252 and ISO 26362 to help ensure your organisation mitigates Information Technology risk. A full copy of the guideline is available below.

AMSRO – TOP 12 – Information Technology & Security Risk Management