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An Australian first – Australia’s peak body for market and social research organisations, the Association of Market & Social Research Organisations (AMSRO), introduces the AMSRO Trust Mark.

The Trust Mark is a seal of endorsement that ensures that AMSRO member organisations are compliant with the highest ethical standards, particularly in regards to privacy. It also provides buyers of research the assurance that their data is protected.

There are three criteria AMSRO member companies must meet to qualify for the Trust Mark: adhere to the Privacy (Market & Social Research) Code and The Research Society (formerly AMSRS) Code of Professional Behaviour, plus hold the International Standard for Market, Opinion and Social Research certification (ISO 20252).

AMSRO members are awarded the Trust Mark as part of their membership once they have met the strict criteria. To maintain the Trust Mark, AMSRO member companies will take part in an independent ISO audit, must comply with AMSRO’s co-regulated privacy code and participate in ongoing member training.

For further information regarding AMSRO member organisations please contact Sarah Campbell, Executive Director on 0460 012 092


Why is having the Trust Mark important?

Business and government departments are increasingly using data to make critical decisions. This appetite for data, combined with consumers increasingly carrying out their lives online, means research that is unethically sourced or breaches privacy is available to buy.   The Trust Mark guarantees business and government decision makers that they are buying research that is quality-assured and meets not only ethical standards, but also the new Privacy Code.  It provides the reassurance that you are using a legitimate, professional research company that is audited by AMSRO to ensure compliance. The Trust Mark protects client reputation and integrity.  It also reduces risk for all parties and provides confidence and certainty.

What benefits does the Trust Mark provide to AMSRO members?

It’s a fast and easily recognisable way for AMSRO members to assure their clients that they uphold the highest ethical standards to deliver professional quality research data.  It provides confirmation that customer details are not used for direct marketing and guarantees clients that their data is protected.  It aligns their business with market and social research companies that commit to best practice.

How do AMSRO members qualify for the Trust Mark?

Stringent, mandatory criteria needs to be met to be granted use of the Trust Mark including:

  • Privacy: Adherence to the Privacy (Market & Social Research)  Code
  • Quality assurance: Companies must have the International Standard for Market, Opinion and Social Research qualifications (ISO 20252)
  • Ethics: Adherence to the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour

What do the new Privacy Principles mean for Australian research companies?

Our new Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code has been developed to provide market and social research organisations certainty under the new Privacy Amendment Act, which launched on March 12.   The Code works to ensure AMSRO members follow the highest privacy and ethical standards.

Trust Mark testimonials 2014

‘It’s important to remember that while 12 March might be the deadline for the implementation of these changes, there’s no deadline for compliance and continuous improvement.

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner doesn’t want to see organisations quickly making the absolute minimum changes, and then sitting back in the knowledge that they have just met compliance requirements. Organisations should be striving for continual improvement in the privacy space.’

TIMOTHY PILGRIM, Australian Privacy Comissioner.

“Through its adoption of an exclusive Trust Mark, AMSRO has demonstrated industry leadership in the protection of consumer privacy and the delivery of best practice market and social research across Australia.  It will signify that research conducted under its imprimatur is from a trusted source regularly tested by the most appropriate, stringent and independent accreditation processes. At a time when data is driving the private and public sectors like never before, concerns about guaranteeing consumer privacy and about quality in methodology will be paramount in choosing suppliers of research services”.  

Dr Terry Beed, Honorary Associate Professor of Marketing in the University of Sydney Business School and Independent Code Reviewer, AMSRO and AANA, 2006-2012.

“The Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) has been far-sighted in creating the Industry Trust Mark. It is a logical move for an organization that has had managed its stringent Privacy Code over a ten year period without a single privacy breach.

The Trust Mark carries a legal obligation for AMSRO members granted use of the Trust Mark to conduct their operations according to best privacy practice. It also provides guarantees of adherence to ethical standards and quality assurance.

These guarantees of good governance, ethics, privacy protection and quality standards is a major initiative; in fact, a first for Australia. It is a considerable achievement that will be recognized by Governments, the public and other key stakeholders.”

Hon Terry Aulich, Chairman, Aulich & Co Pty Ltd

“The introduction of the AMSRO Trust Mark provides me with a simple way I can demonstrate to my non research colleagues the quality and credentials of the research suppliers I recommend.   I can assure them we are buying research from an ethical company that stands up to regular and independent auditing and one with stringent operational policies.  We can be sure AGL will represented in a highly professional manner and that we can rely on the results that we receive.”

Stephen Paton, Manager Insights, AGL

The AMSRO Trust Mark is a reassurance that we are working with legitimate, ethical research professionals and that the research is conducted with the highest ethical and quality standards.”

John Batistich, Director Marketing, Westfield

“There are a number of factors in choosing a research supplier but this trust mark can be a starting point for clients in identifying those who are collecting data with integrity and to an industry standard.”

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