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AMSRO has worked for over two decades to ensure that the market and social research industry has a stable workplace relations system that is fair and equitable to both employers and employees.

The Market (and Social) Research Industry Award was created in 1990 by the (then) Australian Industrial Relations Commission. A new modernised version of this Award came into effect on 1 January 2010 and again in 2013. This new Modern Award covers virtually all market and social research undertaken in Australia.

An Agreement has been reached between the NUW and AMSRO which the parties intend to form the basis is of the proposed NUW and AMSRO Market and Social Research Industry Agreement 2017-2020.  Information regarding the member ballot and proposed Agreement is available.

Download Agreement information here.

The Fair Work market-and-social-research-award has underpinned a series of collective/enterprise bargaining agreements (Industry Agreements) negotiated between AMSRO and the NUW.  It sets minimum rates of pay and conditions for all market research and social research employees employed by AMSRO members and has been lodged with Fair Work Australia.

AMSRO has been instrumental in preserving a Market and Social Research Industry Award as a separate Award and has avoided market and social research being brought within a general private sector clerical modern award – an outcome that would have increased costs across the industry.

The Award and consecutive Industry Agreements (that sit above the Award) have given the industry stable and flexible workplace relations.


AMSRO’s Workplace Relations and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) objectives include:

  • pursuing a co-operative, consistent approach to workplace relations and OH&S across the industry
  • negotiating consistent long-term Agreements, backed by an up-to-date, flexible national Award, so as to maintain a level playing field on which all market and social research companies can fairly compete on the basis of their efficiency and quality;
  • providing all market and social research suppliers and buyers with information about their current industrial rights and obligations and working towards achieving compliance throughout the industry; and
  • providing information and expert advice tailored to market and social research companies’ needs.

Legal Support 

CIE Legal is retained by AMSRO to provide the Association with legal advice and support. Andrew Maher, Human Resources Law and Strategy Partner at CIE Legal, has worked closely with AMSRO for more than a decade as the Association’s retained legal counsel.

AMSRO offers members (free of charge) a human resources law and privacy law support hotline staffed by Andrew and his team.

AMSRO offers members Workplace Relations and Occupational Health & Safety advice, advocacy and assistance through the services of Andrew Maher at CIE Legal.

Click here for a copy of National Model Work – Health and Safety Act.

Superannuation increase on the way – are you prepared?

From 1 July 2013, the Federal Government’s changes to the superannuation guarantee (SG) payments will commence, with the first of seven increases taking effect that will eventually see the current SG rate, now 9%, becoming 12% from 1 July 2019.

To avoid the SG charge, employers will need to provide increases in their minimum superannuation contributions over a seven year period.    The Federal government’s changes also increase the age of an employee at which the superannuation guarantee no longer needs to be provided from 70 to 75 years of age and requires employers to contribute to complying superannuation funds of eligible mature age employees under the age of 75.

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