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ISO 20252:2019 and Data Awareness Webinar Resources

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AMSRO has recently conducted face-to-face (May 2019) and online workshops (May 2020) on ISO20252:2019 and Data Awareness. If your company is interested in receiving copies of the presentations and resources, please contact  For further information regarding ISO20252:2019 workshops please contact AMSRO on 0460 012 092 to discuss options. 

The purpose of the webinars is to get participants well underway with the transition from their existing certifications to the new single ISO 20252: 2019 standard.

Facilitated by Norine Cruse, AMSRO quality specialist this interactive ISO workshop covers the following:

  • The New Standard – Timeframes and audit implications
  • What’s New, what’s changed and what’s stayed the same
    • New mandatory ISO framework and Statement of Applicability scope
  • Annexes A to F – how they apply to your company, why they are separate documents and what you need to do
  • Taking steps to comply with the new standard – the transition process.