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Privacy Awareness Week


As we shift even more of our day-to-day activity online during the COVID-19 pandemic, and cyber-risks increase, Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) is an important reminder to Reboot your privacy.

AMSRO is a long-term supporter of PAW and remains committed to servicing our members and advocating good data privacy practice under the industry’s only legislated Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014.

As part of our administrative obligation to independently review the Code every five years (as required by law), AMSRO has now submitted Professor Peter Leonard’s Independent Review Report to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) for the Commissioner’s consideration. To see more about the Code Review, go here: 

Amendments proposed by Professor Leonard include:

  • to bring the Code up to date, including addressing changes in the law
  • to clarify certain aspects of the operation of the Code that were not as clearly expressed as would be ideal
  • to reference relevant guidance and explanatory material that had been released by the OAIC since the Code was registered in 2014.

A copy of the Report and submissions will be made available to members in due course.  In the interim, please see OAIC PAW resources here and AMSRO training modules here.  Should you require any privacy law advice please don’t hesitate to contact AMSRO or Andrew Maher, CIE Legal on the AMSRO legal workplace hotline.