Welcome to the 2021 Australian Research Got Talent Award Competition.

Research Got Talent is a competition for young researchers who want to make a difference. Pioneered by Associations in India and Hong Kong, this competition has seen tremendous success in showcasing the positive impact of the insights sector, and is now being implemented worldwide.

This award competition, led by AMSRO and ESOMAR encourages young researchers (18-35) to support charities/non-profit organisations to overcome relevant and pressing social issues. The research aims to assist change in areas such as gender inequality, access to justice, education, improving the lives of people with disabilities, improving the lives of children, integration & diversity, environmental issues and climate change.

Entering this competition will not only give you the change to showcase your research at the ESOMAR Congress in Toronto but more importantly, allows you to make a meaningful difference within your community.

RGT briefings will be held via zoom on Tuesday 16 February and Tuesday 2 March at 12 noon. To express your interest in participating in a briefing, or if you require additional information, please contact AMSRO on 0460 012 092 or email jennifer@amsro.com.au

Please read through the ENTRY KIT and then submit your ENTRY FORM (see below) to sarah@amsro.com.au

Additional materials (PDFs/Excel documents) will be accepted – please be sure to clearly label each document and send with your entry form to sarah@amsro.com.au

Entry Form
Entry Kit

All entries are due – Monday COB March 29, 2021.

With special thanks to our sponsors

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