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Member resources for Covid-19

AMSRO is committed to supporting our members in their efforts to navigate the challenges we are all facing during COVID-19 and believe that during times of disruption there is significant value in sharing ideas and approaches across our member base.

This page covers member services, training, communications and relevant links for members to access easily.

AMSRO has also established a private LinkedIn Group and encourage all members to share and discuss your approaches to ensure our businesses and industry remain resilient. 

First and foremost, in light of COVID-19, AMSRO encourages all members to keep up to date on the guidelines issued by government authorities – relevant links are provided below.  

Fact sheet Jobkeeper Information for Employers
Australian Department of Health – COVID-19
Fairwork Australia – Coronavirus and workplace laws



Please check AMSRO member communications for dates on all new training opportunities and also check back here for updates.

Member Resources

AMSRO member-only legal hotline

Andrew Maher – Employment/Human Relations advice – legal hotline

If you require advice about staffing matters, please be sure to take advantage of AMSRO’s free legal workplace relations hotline service.  Contact Andrew Maher, Partner, CIE Legal on 0403 399 237.

ON DEMAND Training 

Please contact to receive a copy of the following webinar recordings and resources. 

Managing supplier contracts pragmatically through the COVID-19 pandemic – presented by Raph Goldenberg, PartnerCIE Legal

This free webinar was held on Wednesday 3 June – a recording and copy of the presentation slides are available. 

Energising productivity every day at home – presented by Chris Savage, Managing Director The Savage Co

This free webinar was held on Wednesday 27 May. A recording is available. 
Member Resources: 

  • Savage – WFH checklist.pdf

Information and Data Security Online Workshop
This online workshop was held over 4 sessions 7/ 14/ 21/ 28 May and hosted by Norine Cruse, CEO Lucidity/ AMSRO Quality Consultant. For further information please contact Sarah Campbell ( 

Mental Health First Aid presented by Andrew Maher, Partner CIE Legal/ AMSRO Legal Counsel. This free webinar was held on Thursday 7 May. A recording is now available. 

Member Resources:

  • Mental Health First Aid.pdf

Communicating in Challenging Times – presented by Kristen Boschma, CEO HOW Communications. This free webinar was held on Wednesday 22 April. A recording is now available.

Member Resources:

  • Communication in Challenging Times.pdf

ISO 20252:2019 Workshop – presented by Norine Cruse, AMSRO Quality Consultant. A recording of all four sessions is now available for registered participants.

Boost resilience and the human connection virtual workshop – presented by Alison Earl. These free workshops were held on 26/3, 31/3, 3/4, and 8/4. For more information about Alison please see here.

Managing Company Risk in Times of Uncertainty – presented by Norine Cruse, AMSRO Quality Consultant. This free webinar was held on Friday 20 March. A recording is now available.

Member resources:

  • Let’s start talking about disinfecting
  • Working from home love it or hate it
  • Working-from-home checklist

Employer considerations during COVID-19presented by Andrew Maher, AMSRO Legal counsel. This free webinar was held Monday 23 & Friday 27 March. A recording is now available.

Member resources:

  • AMSRO COVID-19 presentation: Employer Considerations
  • AMSRO COVID-19 Business Risk Aspects and Impacts
  • AMSRO Member-Employee letter template


Please see here an open letter to government that AMSRO issued March 25 2020.

We would greatly appreciate member support for the campaign, so please feel free to forward the letter to any of your relevant clients and contacts.

We are not looking for special consideration, AMSRO genuinely believes that it’s vitally important to ensure that clients – both government and commercial – continue their support for our industry to ensure Australians are listened to, social policy needs are met and that our industry comes through this challenging time, together.